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We continually research emerging themes in the future of work conversation. We share statistics, trends and best practice insights so you can stay relevant.

Research: Are we going back to the City office?

An early exploration of business leader’s thoughts, fears and ideas during the pandemic, we uncovered the opportunities most likely to drive the next phase of growth.

In-depth interviews with London-based business leaders revealed deeper, implicit needs of remote leaders, navigating complex shifts in performance and measures of success, whilst managing teams of siloed employees. We analysed the challenges of working from home, barriers to returning to the office and the debate around social connection.

A deep dive into Employee Wellbeing

Insert Space’s ‘Are we going back to the City office?’ research, highlighted business leaders’ primary concern – their employees’ mental health and wellbeing. However they mostly felt ill-equipped to measure and influence the day-to-day vitality of their people and were searching for practical interventions.

We addressed this acute need with our ‘Path to Supported Wellbeing’ program, tailored by custom research and delivered by industry experts.