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Our Approach

Insert Space helps organisations inspire people to feel connected with their evolving future of work.

We unpick your employee experience and reveal deeper needs to create an ongoing happy, cohesive and thriving workplace culture. Our end-to-end service ensures our customers become data led, employee-centric organisations where people really want to work.

Understand how INSERT SPACE can help your business


Our series of pulse surveys benchmark, measure and track the key indicators of happiness and wellbeing in your workforce to reveal how your employees show up and thrive.


We partner with experts to deliver tailored, quick to implement solutions, supporting strong employee wellbeing and resilience that boosts team performance and retention.


We embed a bespoke, employee-centric and data driven approach into your organisation. This delivers actionable insights and reduces silos for our customers to develop the most magnetic and productive places to work.

Insert Space is a global FUTURE OF WORK market research and insights agency.

Our experienced research professionals and expert partners contextualise big data sources and bespoke employee research for deeper workforce insights. Combining AI technology and human analysis, we expose the full scope of the conversation.


Our unique Smart Data Framework incorporates executive and employee research, workforce statistics and trend data on the future of work. This provides leaders with a clear set of priorities and best practice metrics to navigate the future of work and make decisions with confidence, knowing they are anchored in the specific needs of current and future employees.

The Smart Data Framework from Insert Space.

“Working with Insert Space has transformed how we nurture cross-team collaboration. Our teams’ report feeling more connected than ever, even though most have never met face-to-face”

“This has been a highly valuable ‘circuit breaker’, not only in helping us re-evaluate how we can work together to be more productive, but more importantly how we can be a happier and more connected team”