Work has changed and attitudes have shifted. 40% of people will leave their job this year, so the race is on to become a MAGNETIC organisation.

Galvanise your people by giving them the tools and confidence to navigate ANYWHERE WORK. Foster a great culture and drive meaningful progress in your company, whilst maximising fulfilment, performance and growth.

Understanding your Employee Experience is the key to attracting and retaining talented people.

Put your people front and centre to sustain high growth in a fierce job market and be recognised as a great place to work.

Insert Space puts human-led analysis first. Our unique Smart Data Framework uncovers people insights that go deeper.

We consolidate multi-source data and take the headache out of analysis giving our customers a confident path forward to a winning employee experience.

Our research combines a qualitative analysis of what affects your people’s happiness with quantitative metrics to understand trends, momentum and team priorities.

Our expert-led solutions play an integral part in defining your best practice metrics of success. We unpick factors contributing to team and individual wellbeing, highlighting key opportunities for improved connection, boosting your employee experience and business efficiency.

Inclusion in the future of work starts with inclusion in our workplace.

We strive to understand people like us and people not like us, in order to create a workplace where everyone feels equally valued, psychologically safe, and free to be at their best.