Concern about the mental health and wellbeing of employees remains high amongst business leaders. Managers feel ill-equipped to measure and influence the day-to-day vitality of their people and are searching for practical interventions.

INSERT SPACE have addressed this acute need with our Path to Supported Wellbeing program. Quick to implement and tailored to your teams’ priorities, our workshops provide immediate strategies to support employees’ wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing is the biggest predictor of employee retention

The UK loses 12.8 million working days per year due to work-related stress

60% of managers worry they don’t know how to deal with employee mental health

Happy employees are 30% more productive

The Path to Supported Wellbeing Workshop series from Insert Space

EMPLOYEE-CENTRIC and EXPERT-LED workshops relate to the lives and experiences of participants. Teams gain SELF-KNOWLEDGE and STRATEGIES that enhance their happiness, wellbeing and performance at home and at work.


Tailored workshops resonate with individual employees, strengthen bonds across teams and promote corporate credibility in listening to employees and taking action.


Participants report immediate personal benefits, as well as feeling “seen”, supported and valued in the workplace.

Insert Space supports the most EFFECTIVE WORKPLACES of the FUTURE with our scientific, employee-centric and data-informed approach.

“Group-based and/or company-wide interventions provide optimal results over one-to-one measures”

Deloitte, UK Mental Health & Employers 2020

“I really enjoyed having more meaningful discussion and learnt new things about myself and my team. It was also refreshing to participate rather than lead”

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